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Jewelry designer from Georgia

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13719570_1749163831962239_757570599819800672_oAfter I got the idea to organise a creative exhibition and started to promote it on facebook, I met a great number of talented artists and designers.

About one person will be today’s article.

Let me introduce Victoria Rudenko, Ukrainian who is living in Georgia (Republic), an artwood jewelry designer.

Victoria, tell us a little bit about your yourself and your life background.

I am 32 years old, but sometimes I feel myself both for 132 and for 13 years old. There are always controversies in my soul. By education I am a physicist, and by life’s mission I am an artist. You will ask me, how is it possible? It’s because I was ‘lucky’ to study after soviet times, when not everybody could study what one wanted. But I remember words of my university’s dean: ‘A physicist is a person who can easily get new profession’. And my new profession became art.

In 2014 we moved from Ukraine to Georgia. It was very horrible times for my country in the middle of hostilities and a crucial moment in the life of my family. It is difficult to talk about this time.

But now we are grateful for hospitality of georgians, they are warm, responsive and very friendly people. I fell in love with this beautiful county, so it was easy to be integrated. But what was hard is to see the difference between motherhood in Ukraine and in Georgia. Georgia is a paradise for mothers! The mother is as a goddess here, and it was unusual in the beginning to see smiles of strangers and watch how they kiss your child.13690915_1749468131931809_312811359478003128_o

How did you start being an artist?

I started to create in 2014, with a little child and the news about coming war on TV. I took brushes and paints in order to forget about problems. With a baby it was difficult to complete big projects, so I started to paint acryl miniatures. This how I started to paint decorations. Gradually I started to have more requests to myself and quality of my miniatures. I wanted them to be perfect. That’s why I started to gather information about lacquered Palekh miniatures and Zhostovo painting and learned new technics.

What does art mean to you?

This is an endless process, condition, when I am thinking all the time. I wake up and fall asleep with sketches. There is so much beauty around me, that it is impossible to be lazy! The nature inspires me, it is the creator with no limits in colors or forms.

il_570xN.1001016120_fzurHow did you decide to open your online shop?

It was last year, when my classmate advised me to open a shop on Etsy. I thought a lot about it, not believing in myself. For the moment it is still not a busines, but a try to offer my works to the world. In the beginning my main problem was English. I learned it long time ago, so I forgot it completly. But now I started to learn it together with my son. I have daily practice now 🙂

How is it to work for yourself?

I enjoy working in my studio. It is more pleasant, than to be at office, of course. But there is a big minus. Work schedules irregular, and sometimes I want to have 36 hours in a day, so I would achieve all my plans!

Why are your jewerly are different from others?

The market is oversupplied with authors’ decorations. With this understanding, I still decided to offer mine. But I offer new level of jewerly. My pieces are unique, not mass produced in China, but hand- made in the only unit. This is 2 in 1 product! Every product is exclusive and a piece of art at the same time. My last collection “Wild Berry” urges modern girls to go back to the origins of nature! To become closer to it and to remember natural, emphasizing, unique, multi-faceted, deep meaning of life!

Do you have time for another hobbies?

Together with the art my passion is hiking. My husband and I love mountains and the enormous vastness they show. They show a real place of the human in the universe.

This year was the first time our son joined us to our trip to mountains. We are very proud, that he managed 8 days tour in Caucasus. We celebrated his first mountain passage and it was amazing to see his perseverance of climbing himself 500 m, after walking 5 km to the mountain’s top. For a child it is a big accomplishment. It was fantastic to see ice in the middle of the summer and to make a snowman, looking meanwhile at the gorgeous Ushba.


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