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Candles from Denmark

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13438929_1126351964105081_1935809325867660852_nLiving in an another country can be hard, but it also can give great motivation for self development.
This little story about such person. Let me introduce Julie and her candles.
Julie is 28 years old, she is from Ukraine (Donetsk), where she lived with her family. When there started war actions in the region, they decided to move away.
Because of her husband’s work, they could move Denmark with a little daughter, to Fyn. It happened 1,5 years ago.

Like most internationals, Julie started to attend Danish language classes. With the time, when she started to speak the language, she was able to find a job at restaurant with nice collegues. 13533291_1126351997438411_5097822769379335228_n
At the same time she started to make candles.
In the beginning she was thinking about soap – making, but it is a product that fast loses its look. So Julie tried producing candles instead. She took some theory classes, but only practics gave results. The process of candle – making is magical and meditational, some candles have 100 curls, so it really requires full mind control.
For Julie is very important her personal development. So she tries her powers in amateur photography. Also Julie will be taking part in a future exhibition ‘Inspired by Aarhus’ of my creative club.
She dreams that her hobby would become full time business. Meanwhile her clients are greatful for this candle art.


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