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Lecture about witch children in Nigeria

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Latest-About-Anja-Ringgren-Loven-Husband-David-Emmanuel-Uwem-4Today I attended a very interested lecture in Aarhus.

It was hold by Anja Ringgren Loven.

Anja became international known because of her charity organisations ‘Din Nød hjælp‘ and ‘Hope for children of Africa‘.

I saw a documentary about her and read several articles, so when I heard about an opportunity to listen her speech, I was very exited.

Anja was talking about her life story, and I want to share it with you, my readers.

Anja was born in Denmark, her mother was a nurse, and she was brought up with the idea to help others (‘Life is long, so we have to take care of each other’ – often said her mother). Also she remembers, that when she and her sister didn’t want to eat dinner, the mother told, that children in Africa are starving, so they shouldn’t waste food. So the interest to Africa came from childhood.

Anja can recall her curiosity in Africa, her passion in reading about african history, traditions and culture.Anja-Ringgren-Loven-Nigerian-boy

She lost her mother at the age of 23, and it affected her a lot.

Later, in the beginning of her 30-ss, Anja was working as manager at a clothes shop, she had a nice appartment, good job, fancy clothes, good collegues and friends. But she felt that she was not happy.

She decided, that if she wouldn’t try to change the world now, she woud never do it in her life.

She quitted her job, and flew as volunteer to Malawi. Anja was living with a local family and for 3 month the only thing they ate was a corn porridge. She lost 10 kg in the first month.

The children screamt from hunger. Anja told, that the only sentence in English she heard from the mother of the family was ‘My childrens cry is my enemy. It’s a cry of hunger’.

After Malawi Anja went to Tansania.

In 2012 she organised charity organisations in Nigeria and childrens’ home for witch children.

The goal is to help kids, to save them from tortures because of old unlogical believes, give them education and chance for better life. Important part of the program is to help children to return back to their homes.

There live 36 chidren at the orphanage, there work professional teachers, a nurse, a psychologist etc.

Volunteers of the center travel to villages, talk with people about the witch children, try to be friends with locals and give them more information.

4494b9100f3804bbcbf1a943aafd78d9She says that working in Nigeria is a very hard task, but her life motto HOPE (Help One Person Everyday), her family, her friends and the team help in changing the world for a better place.

Now Anja is making talks in order to get funding to another orphanage house in Nigeria with a hospital and schools.

If you have opportunity to hear her speech at your city, please do it, you will not regret it.

You can see some of examples of her work here.

Or donate to her organisation, you will help Anja to make the difference.

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