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Game night in Aarhus, creativity meeting and guide at Aarhus institute

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Tal R

In my struggles with Danish language recently I didn‘t write any posts, but today is the day! I really missed writing for my blog.

Yesterday I had great and interesting day in Aarhus and I am looking forward to share the story with you, my dear readers.

My day started at Hasle culture house. In the area there live a lot of pensioners and people with small incomes, so at library they opened culture house. They have different initiatives, like creative shop, where one can bring their hand – made and sell it (there are pieces from Somalia, Romania, most are from Denmark). Since I like hand made, visiting this shop gives me inspiration (one woman does painting on stones, another makes braceletes from tooth brushes). Also at the culture house they have lessons for pregnant women, glass making, bord tennis and cafe with lunches and cakes (run by volunteers, so the prices are very small).

The event I attended was creative meetings, mostly pensioners come there, so for me it was great opportunity to practise my Danish. I really like pensioners here in Denmark, they have very social life and lots of hobbies. One can argue that they have good pensions so they can afford it. Well, it can be true, but also I think it is in the culture. People here do a lot of volunteer works, and no matter how ill they can be in an old age, they go to different social events.


Julie Nord

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies
After I enjoyed stories from lovely people at Hasle culture house, I went to Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies. The director of institute gave us history of this new initiative in Denmark. Institute aim is to have scientists from different areas, where they work on any topic they want and share their ideas with others. Now they have 35 fellows from all over the world.

In the end he showed us institute’s art collection with Danish most famous modern painters (supported by New Carlsberg Foundation).

We enjoyed works of Tal R, Julie Nord, Katrine Ærtebjerg, Jesper Christiansen, HuskMitNavn etc.

Game Night


Jesper Christiansen

In the end of the day I ran to international meeting. As I wrote before in Aarhus they opened new board game cafe and it has huge popularity. So International Community started to organise monthly Game Nights.

I really enjoyed playing “7 wonders” with other internationals. I think it is great opportunity to meet new interesting people, have easy conversations and who knows, maybe it can be start of my new friendships?

What about you? Did you have busy but interesting days like I had yesterday? Do you go to international meetings at your city?

Have a nice day!

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