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“My Danish baby blog”, meeting with author

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11224588_1626313984315479_7577733243064880378_oThis month is very active for me for new interesting meetings. And today I am delight to present you a story about Daniela, with who I met at DOKK-1. Daniela has her blog about parenthood in Denmark.

Daniela is from Colombia. In 2013 she came to Denmark to start her master’s in journalism. The very first day she met a Dane, who now is her husband (actually, he is half – Italian, half – Swedish, born in Denmark). He studied cryptography and security at university.

After they got married, they discovered happy news, that they would become parents.

And then Daniela started to have total new experience for herself – being a mother at foreign country.

Why did she started blog

She understood that for internationals it can be a problem to get known the way to raise children in Denmark. Even though it is quite English – friendly country, you still can be frustrated with everything here. Luckily there are some groups for international mothers, but also Daniela wanted to share her experience, so new coming families would have some knowledge about Danish system and wouldn’t feel themselves lost.

Now her baby girl is 7 months old and she was already travelling to Colombia at the age of 4 months. Daniela told that her baby managed to have 13 – hours flights without any problems.

Also Daniela and her husband agreed that their daughter will speak 3 language in the future – Spanish, Danish and English. For Daniela it is important to keep connection with her culture.

New family plans

Being a mother is already a hard job, but for Daniela it is not enough. 🙂 In one month she will start new education at university at human security department and will start going to Danish language classes again.11229898_1633222143624663_263070821457352088_n

For me it is amazing to hear, how with her husband they discuss family things and try to solve all difficult situations. For example, Daniela wants to go to the gym, so they decided to make a family sport event, so they would both attend gym and take care of their daughter by turns.

Daniela says, they know it would be hard 2 years for their family, but it needs to be done. To have good job in Denmark, Daniela needs to have proper education and to speak the language.

I am sure she will achieve all the goals. And if you are raising your child abroad, I ‘m sure Daniela’s experience would help you in this!

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