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To be happy at foreign country

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11866490_10205634350232637_4913902510680936128_nOften when I meet immigrants, they start to complain about their present life at a foreign country, how different new culture is and how they miss their homes. It makes me sad to hear this, because I think if you made decision to live at a foreign country, you need to do everything possible to understand it and to be happy.

That‘s why meeting with such person as Michelle is a life present to me. As it appeared, it wasn’t the first time Michelle gave interview, she was telling her life story before.

Michelle is a positive and active person and she shows that an immigrant can find happiness in a new country.

First time in Denmark

Michelle came to Denmark from Philippines when she was 21 years old. She had a Danish step – father, who advised her to study at Europahøjskole, where she could live for half a year, meet new people and get new life experience.20738_1283837330606_6341259_n

Back at home she graduated nursery college, so she already had some education background.

At højskole she met Polish guy, they started to date, and now they are married.

He was the reason why Michelle decided to stay in Denmark.

She managed to find a job as a nurse, where 7 years later she still works.

In the beginning she had language barrier, but her department and colleagues help a lot.

Also Michelle was motivated to become better in her job and so learning Danish language was very important. She had night shifts and in the mornings she went to language classes.

After a year she was more fluent and confident in speaking.

Hobbies and activities

485716_4028372582272_454467788_nBesides her job, Michelle had a small business in selling skin care cosmetics. She sold good products for good prices, but eventually she didn’t have time for her webshop.

Also Michelle was helping her compatriots, she had a fb page, where she organised events, mostly for the girls who were working as aupairs in Denmark.

She also had to drop it, because she doesn’t have so much time. She has new big project as being a mother, and also there is a group at the church, that helps Philippines.


Michelle now has two business projects – she is an event organiser and confectioner.

She started organising events during festivals, where she was volunteer.10406466_10203834589839752_5156925895348696598_n

She really liked it, and eventually she decided to take another education, that would give her more theoretical base. Her son was only 6 months old, but she didn’t want to lose one year to make degree. She was studying at Randers, and it help her to know event management better.

For the moment she organised Valentine’s Day party, Christmas dinner with dances, concert of Philippine singers, she made opening of “Carribean Kitchen” restaurant; every event was for 50-100 people.

Now she has a big project in future – to organise baby birthday party for her son.

Among this – she bakes delicious and beautiful cakes. It is true, that a talented person is talented in everything.

In the end of our talk I felt that I have known Michelle for many years.

She is a person, who knows what she wants, but works hard for her dreams come true. And at the same time she is positive and kind to people around her.

So if you ever will be leaving abroad, just remember this story about Michelle. She was newcomer herself, but she managed to find her love, carrier and favorite hobbies. Be open with life and people – and they will be open with you.

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