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How to become image – maker and personal stylist

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kZM-kQmntfYToday I want to share with you story about beautiful and talented girl from Odessa, image – marker Marina.

I hope her story will help you to believe in yourself and start some new project of your life.

From childhood Marina had passion for languages, books, fashion and all beautiful things around her. So when she grew up she decided to study international economic relationships.

Why did I choose this education? Because I was curious how the world is, why some countries are rich,and others – poor. I wanted to discover different cultures and to learn new languages”.

After graduation Marina started to work at international logistic company. colleagues were nice, salary was very good, but after several years she understood that this job is not enough…

Marina wanted something more in her life. I think we all feel this from time to time, but how many people do listen to their heart and feelings?

Life in Italy

She started Italian language classes, and after sometime she found university and applied for student visa.

It worked out, and one of her dreams was going to come true. Marina always wanted to travel. In Italy, in Turin, near Alps, she lived and studied 3 years.

At university I studied world economic systems, project management, business strategies, leadership, financial markets, the law. But the main challenge was to prove myself, that I can live in foreign country, without my friends and family. Also it was challenge to study in Italian, with no other internationals at class”.

First year in Italy was very hard, firstly because of language and studying. Also everything changed in Marina’s life – from food habits to life views of people at the streets. But she always had nice people around her, and now she feels even more grateful to her university friends and roommates.yzFcqKmQLzc

Marina feels, that in Italy she grew up as a person. She loves Italy, it became her second motherland.

Also Marina adores Italian fashion and style, that was always close to her. In Italy she enjoyed everything – from balconies to shop-window’ designs. She was in love with small markets. And the most that she misses – habit to be happy and smile.

After graduation she had internship at a marketing agency, and then in October 2012 she returned to Ukraine.

She immediately found job as an import manager at lux furniture salon, but because of the crisis she had to quit job. Afterwards by life accident she was visiting Italy again for 2,5 months.

As Marina says, she is often asked why she didn’t stay in Italy. But she loves Odessa and wants to live in Ukraine.

New life in Odessa

“I always was in the search of myself, I experimented with clothes, with my style, went to make up courses.

After Italy I understood that fashion is the area that is interesting for me,and I want to develop there. I wanted to know new trends, and finally I just wanted to become ”a better version of myself”.

At the same time she started to notice how people dress around. One time with her friend they went to Odessa beach.

There were so many different people: foreign retirees, couples with little kids, and young girls with selfies sticks. Marina thought with a smile, that Odessa girls should have more style and stop taking selfies, they don’t need to prove others that they are beautiful and interesting. Marina like more people who are free, and who in any fashion find something theirs.

Marina started image – maker course.


From Marina’s first photo session

The course was very hard, but very interesting. They had theoretical lectures and 2 photo sessions. At first one Marina had to create the whole look of the model, and it was quite hard, but on the second photo session she was a model, and it was fun, she just enjoyed the process.

For Marina it is too early to say what are pluses and minuses of stylist profession, she just started this business. Of course it can be hard to wake up at 4 am and to run for photo session. Also she doesn’t understand why people think that nowadays you need to have just taste in order to look stylish. Maybe it was 20 years ago, but now there are so many new names and brands, that it can be difficult to understand everything by yourself.

The ability of dressing beautifully is an art, and as any art, it needs to be learned hard.

Among pluses – is ability to discover something new everyday, opportunity to see results of her work, inspiration after working with beauty.

In Ukraine profession of stylist and image – maker is very new, so Marina feels that she can find her place “under the sun”.

Also she attended last month Odessa fashion show “Summer Weekend”, and she is sure that Ukrainians can be patriotic and look good and harmonically! Such talented Odessa designers as Julia Paskal, Domanoff, Natasha Zinko, show that Odessa can give to the rest of the world a lot of feminine and bright ideas!

Some fashion advises

Usually Marina doesn’t like to give common advises as “to have a little black dress”, because every woman is unique, and she needs to find her own style, but for my readers she made several proposals:QXJkFR4ok3E

  • all clothes has to be comfortable

  • everything in your wardrobe has to be universal and practical

  • try to change style “glamour club” to more moderate sexuality, you will just win from this

  • change glitter of strasses to glitter in the eyes!

  • sincere smile is your main jewelry!

Plans for present

Marina’s plans for now – to write for her blog, to give consultations, to work with Odessa designers and shops, and of course, to help women to find their style!

Marina also gives Italian language lessons, she is a professional translator, she is a business – assistant at one project that is connected with Italy.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it will inspire you to search your own unique fashion style!

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