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Sailing in Denmark

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sailing-club_1943251bLast week I head great opportunity to attend intro about “Sailing in Denmark”. It was presented by Inger, a Dutch journalist, who is living for the moment in Denmark and started sailing as a hobby here.

Inger shared with us some of her discoveries about sailing.

What gave sailing to her

  • Opportunity to meet Danes (for internationals it can be a problem often)
  • Learning to communicate in Danish, learning new worlds.
  • Taking in mind, that Denmark is an expensive country, sailing can be afforded by almost any person who has a job.
  • Having special moments with nature
  • After Inger bought a boat she found out it is very easy to start conversations with people at the harbour.
  • Also she opened new characters in herself, Inger never thought she would enjoy so much technical side of sailing
  • And what I adored in Inger, she was not afraid to start new hobby in difficult language, it was her dream, and for me, she shows good example to internationals.

Other water sports in Aarhus

University International Club, that organised the event, also shared some other water sport and events links. If you are not living in Denmark, it can give you some inspiration and ideas about your new hobbies.

Hope you found article interesting, and maybe you will enjoy the weekend on the seaside? 🙂

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