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“One way ticket” theater at Impact HUB Odessa

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Today I spend all day with an artist Diana and stylist Marina. We spend a great time at Botanic garden in Odessa and then attended performance “One way ticket” at HUB Odessa. I still under impression from this little theater and I am looking forward to tell you about this event.

51267c56f1e10What is is HUB Odessa

Impact Hub Odessa – is a new experience of social events in Odessa.
There are 3 working spaces that give freelance businessmen opportunity to spend time working there and meeting new people. Entrepreneurs’ speeches are given in this centre. Also they try to create social necessary projects, like “free library“, pottery for kids from poor families, charity shop, Sunday cinema, volunteer centre etc.
I attended different event by HUB Odessa and I am grateful for their great work.

Who organised performance “One way ticket”

This performance was organised by “Crimea SOS” organization and Theater “For Dialog”.
Crimea SOS” is a social initiative that helps displaced people (IDPs) from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The organisation is an implementing partner of UNHCR in Ukraine. Project was established by volunteers on February 27, 2014 due to the beginning of Crimea occupation by the Russian Federation.
The organisation gives legal and social advises, humanitarian aid, grant programs, helps with accommodation etc.
Theater “For Dialog” is creating performances of social difficult topics with non – professional actors with life experience. By the theater and art languages they want to show the problem of society and to discuss it with audience, to hear different opinion of this problem.

What performance was aboutthumbnail.php

The performance had 4 scenes.
Scene 1.
May 2014.
Family from Gorlovka (Donetsk region). Son Aleksander, 20 years old, graduated from professional school, looking for a job, his mother, school teacher, and the father, miner. They are celebrating mother’s birthday.
Father starts to tell that they have to go to referendum of Donbass and be independent of Ukraine.
Son took part in Maydan and doesn’t want to vote. Also it became dangerous for him to be in Gorlovka. Pro – russian people are beating people who took part in Maydan.
He gets a call from a girl Anna from Kiev. They met at Maydan, she heard news about beatings in Gorlovka and offers him to come to Kiev and to stay and her place for some time, before situation gets better.
Scene 2.
Aleksander tries to find a job, but when they hear that he is from Donbass, they don’t want to give him any job. They think he is an alcoholic with previous conviction.
Scene 3.
Anna and her two roommates are tired of Aleksander. He has no job and doesn’t pay bills. One of the roommate is from Crimea, he has a job, and doesn’t understand why Aleksander cannot find any work. He offers him a cleaning job, but Aleksander refuses.
Scene 4.
Aleksander is going to the park to think about his life situation. He calls to his mother, and she is telling that they don’t receive any salary, so she cannot send his money… He hears gun shots and mobile connection fails. His mobile phone doesn’t work and he asks some girl for a phone to call his mother. The girl just talked with her friend. Her friend was robbed by the person from Donbass. When she hears that Aleksander is from Donbass, she screams and runs away.

Working with audience after scenes

After performance to the audience it was given opportunity to tell their ideas about the situation. Also people from audience could be on some actors place, and show what thy would do in this situation.
Some told, that Aleksander is too passive, he has to work more with his communicative skills and to show bigger desire to find job.
Some told, that the mother has to have stronger opinion in the family and slowly to guide her husband.

Here you can read reviews of the play. (in Russian and Ukrainian)

My impressions

It was really interesting and at the same time very difficult to be part of this performance.
It raised too difficult questions about Ukrainian identity, our situation nowadays, about past and the future. As for me, I think we are creators of our life. And people who were poor in Donbass, after moving to other region find it hard to find a job, place to live etc. They meet discrimination from employers.
But I also met people who moved from Donbass and started business at new place. I found our that there are a lot of volunteer organisations and also government gives some grants and some amount of money help.
I believe that in crisis we are forced to find new ways of behaviour, that will work for the best afterwards.
And I liked one woman opinion, that society has to help us, but it cannot give us everything, we need to know what we want in life and try our best to reach our dreams. We are creators of our lives, nobody else.
But this performance showed to me the problems of IDPs, and I hope everyone of them will find their destiny at new places. But I also hope that soon they will be able to return to Donbass, to their homes and families.

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