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Story about business of Toy factory in Ukraine

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belij-medved-400x400Today had an interesting meeting with Aleksander, a manager of toy factory “Alina” in my city.
Aleksander told me the factory’s history and his projects.
As it appears the factory moved to Illichivsk last year Originally they were working from 2001 in Donetsk, but when in the city started war, they moved their production.
Now they are located in my city and try not only to survive but to develop their production.

Meeting with a business of toys

Aleksander told me, that he is working with this company from 2012 when he opened his internet shop and started to look for providers of the toys.
He says that “Alina’s” huge toys are very good quality and the price in lower than in the shops. They had a lot of orders. But now there is crisis in Ukraine, so it is more difficult to sell such big toys now.
As for Aleksander, working with toy factory is not his only projects. In his past he was studying to be a cook, but the book “Rich dad, poor dad” changed his life. He started listening different lectures, watching videos and doing everything possible to have a successful business and passive income.IMG_4542-400x400
In the beginning with his friend they started to sell trinkets (with a smile he remembers their first brochures written in wrong printing type). Then they decided to sell toys and ordered two huge bears, Aleksander tells that selling those first ones was very important to him. Received money like a thanks from grateful customers made him want to give people more positive emotions with good service.

Another projects

Also now he is working on his internet – shop with selling masks for Halloween, and also on the website about job – searching and writing correct cv.
myagkij-medved-400x400Aleksander’s dream is to build business system, where he would have production, passive income, investments. He wants his work to be the main hobby.
Hope he will get all of these things, and I hope the same you would have, my dear reader!
Have a pleasant day! 🙂

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