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Oksana Mas’ exhibition


7qVM5BJp2uYToday in my home city, Illichivsk, was celebration of the Day of the City. In the city there were a lot of people, commune organised a lot of events for kids and grow – ups, the city got new spring look and installed several new art works.
In local museum there was organised exhibition of Oksana Mas‘ works.
Oksana is, maybe, the most famous Ukrainian artists in the world nowadays. She became famous after participation in Venice Biennale in 2011.

I was lucky to see there her works in Venice, and I have to say, they were stunning!
For her works she 12 800 painted eggs, people from 50 countries send her eggs where they painted their sins.
Oksana used painting of Ghent’s altar by Jan van Eyck. Her main desire was “to use modern technics and to fill it with the modern ideas, so it will be start of humanity revival”.
I liked the most that the image of God was installed in old church, so when you come inside, you can feel Holy spirit and the endless time!IMG_2058
Later she organised exhibition with these works in Odessa and other countries.
Today there was opening of exhibition in her home – city.
She couldn’t attend it, but there were her parents, her teachers and, of course, admires of her works.
Mas’ new exhibition is called “Sacred geometry”. There were some parts of her famous egg works, and new paintings.
IMG_2064One of the speakers was an art critic from local museum of A. M. Belogo, who said that Oksana Mas’ works are “incomprehensible and daring”. “Artists works have to be read by generations of people, art is like a river who connect cultures and countries, and Oksana Mas belongs to such artists! She is genious, she conquered the eyes of the world, by showing that we are the same. She helped to understand that piece can come through art.”IMG_2042
Oksana Mas trough awareness and contemplation showed to viewer visual associations.
Another speaker was the chairman of Illichivsk artists’ union. He said that Oksana Mas is very active philanthropist, for example she presented her work to Saint Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev. In this worked she used 15 000 eggs, painted by her friends, artists, children, the size of the work is 7*7 metres, and the weight is 2,5 tonnes.
Also her parents told several words, of course, they are proud of their daughter. They told that she painted from childhood, after she understood that “by image you can submit thoughts and ideas”. Also they told that fame didn’t change Oksana, and that she believes that “God help people who are using their talents”.a5oNMz-tOb0
Oksana’s mother added that her daughter always finishes her presentations with the words “Look at my paintings, what you will see and understand you will take away, the rest will be left for me”.
I wish you a pleasant day and hope you enjoyed a bit of art sunshines from the city on the Black Sea!

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