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poster_1_enToday’s article is about Mats, couchsurfer from Norway. I’ve met him at postcard club and I took part in his project “Globalbility”. Mats is working as social worker in Norway and he studies culture and communications. He kindly answered some of my questions about his project.

1) What is Globalbility?
Globalbility project is working like a megaphone out in the world, imagine you could say one thing to everyone else in the world, what would you say? People from all over the world send us their wisest words, and then we help translate them into other languages to help bring their messages out in the world. In the end we will have a common bank with words of wisdom, love and philosophy. We use postcards as it gives the messages a more personal touch and people can use their creativity to visualize their message too.
2) How did you start Globalbility?
Before I started this project I made another project here in Norway where people could send their complaints about anything. I named it “You Complaint Counts”. Then I had the idea to get people from other parts of the world also send their complaints to give us in Norway some perspectives on our own complaining. In the end I changed the whole concept to try to make people write more positive messages, to create a more positive project. I now organize the project with my friend Issaka from Togo and we also have a network of 500 translators from all over the world helping us translate postcards.
3) How many people took part in Globalbility now?
I guess more than 1000 people have helped, I’ve been writing and getting help with very many people, I have no idea how many!
4) How people can participate in your project?
People can send postcard, help translate postcards and also help us put up a poster where they live.
5) In postcards people wrote how they want to change world. What was the most memorable suggestion for you?
I really believe communication between cultures can be a strong drive for changes, to see that there are many other people in the world that also emphesize this is very cool, like this postcard: “Communication makes anything possible”.

Hope you will take part in Globalbility project and will share with world your ideas 🙂

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