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Song concert in Illichivsk

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H6f6c4eRB08Today I was at a very interesting concert. Singer’s name is Irina Zimina, she is from city Yuzhny, and it was the first time when she visited my city Illichivsk.
Irina sang mostly romance songs, and songs from famous Soviet movies, also she performed traditional Ukrainian songs.

Irina told that her mother instilled her and her sister love to songs. Irina has a thick copy – book with songs and she new more than 100 songs by heart.
She was singing in different childrens’ groups, worked at schools and theaters. And now she participates in different competitions, teaches vocals and gives her own concerts.
Irina told that last year she came with concerts to Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk Republic, and she hopes that there will be peace in Ukraine.
Irina sang with all her heart, she opened her soul, and gave a lot of positive energy to all people in a concert hall. She made grey day into something beautiful. In the end Irina sang very gentle song by Anna German.
I hope you visit such concerts, when you have connection with artist and have powers to create more good in the world, and bring happiness to people around you.
Have a nice weekend, dear reader!

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