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About “Visualize You” company from Aarhus

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As you could notice of my blog, I write a lot about people who live in Aarhus. And the reason is very simple – Aarhus is amazing city with fantastic people, who inspire me after each meeting.

Today’s story is about Rasmus and Kenny, students who recently started their own business.

10285791_887482751304041_4346483491594723823_oRasmus just got his bachelor’s in media studies, and Kenny is on his 4th semester at multimedia design.

They met last year at social club, Kenny worked there as a bartender, and Rasmus was a manager.

They became friends and 7 months ago Rasmus offered Kenny to start business. Rasmus attended some business seminars, and talked with a lot of friends and businessmen about it. And in the end “Visualize you” was born.

Rasmus and Kenny offer different media services, from making videos and graphics to making websites and photos.

First 3 months they worked for free to promote their company and to create network, now clients recommend their services to another people.

Till now they created around 20 – 22 videos, mostly commercials, but also they did videos for Aarhus festivals (like Stella Polaris) and local clubs. In March they will shoot commercial in London and in summer time they will work with Aarhus Art Convection and music festivals. They also have contracts with Aarhus city hall.

They want to create quality and interesting works, so the people will recognised the brand, they found a lot of opportunities and support in Aarhus and this is where there see their company for now.

They are improving their skills, Kenny is still in the middle of his bachelor’s education, and Rasmus will take courses on innovation and master’s in digital science.

The more you learn – the better you become”.

Also for them is priority to develop their business, the money they earn, they invest in professional video – and photo equipment. Also a multimedia design student joined recently the team.

The main goal in “Visualize You“, as well, is to build friendly relationships with their clients.10845641_888760597842923_5075921240371792986_o

I was curious about their hobbies and where do they take inspiration for the videos.

For Rasmus the best inspiration is just relaxing, or doing different things, he often has ideas, so he carries everywhere his mobile phone to write them down.

Kenny enjoys lounge and alternative music, it helps him find good melodies for videos.

For both of guys it is very necessary to be independent and to see growth of the company. One day they want to hire more people and to make movies.

I hope you enjoyed the story and one will work with Kenny and Rasmus yourself!

Have a nice day everyone!

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