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Meeting with Performance – and Business coach in Aarhus

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laursen_coaching_aarhus_11Today I had an amasing meeting with Kathrine Laursen. She is a Performance – and Business coach.

We met at a cozy cafe “La Cabra”, where Kathrine told me how she became a business coach.

Already in high school she knew that she wanted to work with people, after graduating she lived and worked in Finland, England (London) and Ireland (Dublin). She enjoyed feeling of travelling with its changes, there were challenges and inspirations, especially she enjoyed meeting new people.

After she returned to Denmark she entered university and started to study international business communication.

The very first semester her mother passed away, and she needed time to accept this lost, so in several years she took 3 months trip to South America. This trip helped her and Kathrine understood what she wants to do in her life.

For her travelling Kathrine took a book about coaching “Coaching. Det handler om at stille de rigtige spørgsmål” by Sofia Manning . Kathrine felt that coaching is her life goal now.

She took coaching education in Copenhagen and after graduation she started her own business.

I asked Kathrine why she didn’t try to work at companies. And the answer was:

I was sure that coaching is my passion, and if I would work for 5 years at some company maybe I would never start my own business afterwards”.portrætfoto_grafisk_design_maria_refsgaard_freelance_designer_fotograf_laursen_coaching_Thumbnail-800x533

She was scared somehow but decided to try, so from September 2013 she worked part – time, and from March 2014 she works full time with clients.

Now she has private clients and she offers different workshops. For examples, at schools she helps students to be more confident in preparing for exams, at private sessions she helps clients to achieve better results in career, sport (but as it usually happens in the end they solve issues in private life).

As Kathrine mentioned women attend her sessions more (around 60%), maybe because it is easier for them to talk about their feelings; and that Danes still are getting used to coaching programmes (coaching appeared in Denmark around 10-15 years ago), they think that going to a coach is necessary only when they have problems. But as Kathrine told, people who use coaching just want to have better results in their lives, they want to perform the best they can, because they feel good potential in themselves.

By Kathrine, the most important in coaching – to be a good listener, to keep client’s best interests, to forget about own problems, to ask great questions at the right time, to “feel” the room, to be able to read the body language, to know gender differences, and in different age groups to be able to use the same psychological tools but with different examples so everybody would understand them. And the most important to be able to exchange energies, because if coach doesn’t have enough energy, there will be no good results.

portrætfoto_grafisk_design_maria_refsgaard_freelance_designer_fotograf_laursen_coaching_03-800x524To keep herself in a good positive energy Kathrine has some rules: she tries to be around great people, she learned how to say “no”, she takes time off just to be with herself, she plays football to be in shape. But the best for her to be in good mood is to do what she loves, and this is coaching! Once she followed her heart and she is happy with results.

Next step in her career is to have more business clients, so Kathrine is working with her network, she is part of “Ladies first” project, also as being a coach of “SK Aarhus” she has access to their network, plus she attends different business and psychological seminars (for example, seminar atSTARTVÆKST Aarhus ”).

P.S. I am sure that Kathrine’s clients achieve fantastic results. She knows how to communicate with people so they would feel themselves more confident about their powers. I was so inspired after this interview that during the day many good things happened with me (one of them, I found a book that I was looking for one year already!).

So if you are looking for the right coach I am sure Kathrine is the one to help you!

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