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fP_colorful-backyard-landscaping-ideas-for-kidsToday I attended extremely interesting meeting organised by Aarhus University International Club.

It called “Greenshare – the community garden for Danes and Internationals”.

The speakers were Siff from Aarhus city hall and anthropologist Mette. Mette’s family was always into gardening so she came up with idea having this public garden, where people would have their piece of land where they can plant vegetables or flowers and to network together.

As it appeared Aarhus city hall with Nordea fonden started different projects with topic “Smag Aarhus” (“Taste with Aarhus”) with almost 4 million euros budget. During 3-4 years they want to establish 100 “eatable places” all over Aarhus where people can have their gardens. Siff told that city hall is interested in active citizenship and they are willing to help with projects in such areas: health, co- creation, community, knowledge, diversity, activity and experience.

They have weekly meetings where people can share their ideas and they were excited about Mette’s idea of garden for internationals.remarkable-fanciful-micro-gardening-750x562

The project will start in April and city hall will provide territory, water and some basic necessary tools. Also Mette wants to have different workshops that will help members in gardening. Basic rule – to use only organic fertilizers.

In “Greenshare” around 30 people can sign up, but city hall wants to involve 500 people in similar garden projects.

I felt really excited about this project, for people who leave in flats it is great opportunity for having their own piece of land. And also it is great to see example of government support of peoples’ ideas.

Hope you also have opportunity for such great hobby as gardening!Gardening

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