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Bushmen and baboons in one post

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10937629_407179206114044_113824718_nNext guest of the blog is Rudolph. I met him on facebook group ”Friends without borders – international friendship”. Somehow his post catched my attention immidiately, and after my request he kindly agreed to tell his life story.10945404_407178262780805_1672173067_n

Rudolp is 48 years old and he was born and raised in South Africa, the country that is known for its rich ethnic and cultural diversity!

Commonly known as the rainbow nation! Most white Afrikan speaking citizens descended from the Dutch settlers that arrived here in the 1600’s. Their culture and traditions are still very European! The Black population (majority) still have a substantial number of rural inhabbitants who lead largely impoverished lives.

I love wildlife and nature! Me and my family have followed a troop of baboons for over 2 years walking with them and studied their behavior. The baboons accepted us as part of the troop!”Baboon

Also he is intererested in ethnic group Bushmen or San people. They are from South Africa, and live in the Kalahari up to Namibie, but their traditions and culture are vanishing because of modern development.

I120904_120705_26384249And as Rudolph wrote me he was raised in a very conservative Christian family (his father was a minister in the church, and now his brother is a minister in Namibie). But he doesn’t believe in religion because of all the confusion and seperation it caused. He is a very spiritual though and loves all cultures, religions, and people! And thats why he loves ”Friends without borders” – BECAUSE it connects us in such a special way.

It let us focus on what we have in common rather than our diffrences, Its where we can experiece each others differences without fear and in a heartwarming loving matter! It lets our hearts connect in such a special way and even if you are Islam , Christian or whatever, we learn to love the person inside! I have made wonderful friends on this site!”

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