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10353580_1516083451991769_279459954892169534_nRecently I discovered on facebook fantastic group “Friends without boarders”.

There are so many nice and interesting people. And some of them agreed to be guests on my blog.

The first one for today is Moubani Nabil, journalist from Algeria.

He studied and still studies a lot. He gratuated in 2005 high school with degree “Literature and Humanities”, in 2009 got license in speciality “Communication and public relations”. For the moment he is a 1rd year student in education field of American and Engish civilization, 3rd year – in tourist guide and 1st year student at learning mandarin Chinese language (actually Nabil speaks Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Italian as well). Also he attends online seminars at University of Liverpool and University of Roehampton.

Since 2010 Nabil works as journalist, he was working at newspaper“Kawalisse & Essalam – elyawne”, and such websites as setif.net, chabab.com, djazairess.com.

He is a big sport fan – he played at “College Journalism” club at university, and he writes articles about sport as well.

He is doing a lot of charity works – he is a member of the Association “Harmony”, and of ASMA (helps patients with astma and allergy of the Wilaya de Setif).

Among Nabil’s other activities – membership in scientific team of the Wilaya de Setif, membership in the Association of information and communication among the youth, and the rest of his freetime he gives to walks, dreams and new ideas, surfing internet, sport and religion.

Some of the Nabil’s articles you can read here (in Arabic).

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