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How to become an artist in Aarhus

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182804_4113056061736_1350923668_nI am very happy to come back from my long writing vacation and present you new fantastic people.

Today’s guest of my blog is charming Marina.

I contacted her after reading her blog. She writes articles about Aarhus and Denmark in general and offers her guide servises.5795480_orig

She agreed to meet me, and now I can tell you as well about this wonderful person.

Marina is from Chelyabinsk, and at the age of 17 she moved to Saint Petersburg.

There she started to study culture and art, and to work at different positions. She found job at tourist office where she worked as a guide.

Later the girl started to work with Saint Petersburg hotel data base, and as she told, she liked her job a lot. Every day Marina had meetings with hotel managers and at afternoons she analised datas.

She was very happy at the job, but she wanted her another dream to come true – dream to see the world.

10891473_10205487314039254_3466183456810587930_nMarina applied for stewardess position at Qatar Airways. She was very confidient at interview and later she received invitation for studing in Qatar. Her plane was in 2 days but nonetheless she decided to take this opportunity. The courses took 2 months, where they were taught nessesary basics.1197720_orig

She worked as stewardess for 6 years, she explained that the job had pluses and minuses. She had great appartment, international friends (her first ones were from Mauritius), but there could be some dangerous aspects of the flights.

Then she changed her live again. Accidently at the street of Saint Petersburg she met her old Danish friend, they fall in love, and for one year they had long – distance relationships. In the end he proposed to her, and Marina moved to Denmark.

Now they have a kid, and Marina learns Danish, she started Aarhus business academy and attends guides courses, has her facebook group for Russian mothers.

She also give tours to Russian tourists.

But it is not all of her talents. While living in Qatar, she missed colors in desert, and she started to paint, she had her exhibitions with sea thematics ithere, and she continues with her art life in Aarhus as well.

Now there is Marina’s exhibition in Lokalcenter Møllestien. When you will see the painting yourself you would feel their light, warmth and positiveness.

Hope you will meet Marina yourself. She has a very strong and interesting personality and she has many stories to tell.5713755_orig

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