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Just plant a tree today

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1012203_481619261930452_568279205_nHi everyone, another post in English

It is a story of Imthias Kadeer from United Arab Emirates, person who’s life goal is to plant as many trees as possible.

Imthias is an engineer by profession and he has a few companies in the Middle East that pay for most of his travels and tree planting projects.
“By passion I am a farmer and a photographer. I love to do anything connected with nature, and photography helps me see life a lot closer”

Since the age of 3, his grandfather, another tree lover, used to make him to plant trees, now Imthias is 35 and he has a 32 – years old mango tree which gives him fruits.
The last 9 years Imthias and his friends started to plant trees and now they are all so happy and proud to sit in its shade and to have the fruits.
“I believe that anyone planting a tree and spreading the awareness by taking a pic with it each year to show the world that they are proud of it, always adds value to the project.”
“Shades of life”, Imthias tree project, is not a registered NGO. its just a thought and idea, that connect people all over the world to plant trees.
“If all of us take out our little time in between our travels and do our bit for nature we can definitely make a difference, I am in talk with different country governments to give land for those who wants to come and plant a tree. Because the biggest issue in fast growing economy is the land. and if the goverment can help with land, I am sure a lot of people can add value to the project by coming and planting trees”
So far Imthias managed to convince around 200 of his friends to plant tree in over 23 countries. He hopes that they can get it to a 1000 friends by the end of this year.
“I want everyone to take it as their project, not mine. And inspire their friends to plant trees.
 All I want is to see is a greener Earth and I am positive we can make a difference..
I believe in one thing: there is not point running marathons for green revolutions , actions speak louder than words. So plant a tree today”
You can join and get more information on his page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ende.maram?fref=ts

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