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Interview with a postcard lover from Italy


24848643_m_bf0fea1c2cb0c99ce86245afbe0a83d0Being a member of couchsurfing for a long time, recently I joined a postcard club there. Very quickly it became a passion and I started to send postcards to every corner of the world. In the group I found post from couchsurfer member, who recently started her blog about postcards. I contacted her and she kindly answered my questions by email.

So meet today’s guest, Giuliana, age 23, from Italy.

–        When did you join couchsurfing? How often did you use it?

I joined this great website last October. I was in Vancouver and I used it to meet people there. It was great, I had lots of great times with locals and with other travelers.

I organized a weekend in Seattle and I had my first real cs experience there: I can’t explain how my host was wonderful!

So, I’m a kind of newbie but I’ve become a cs addicted. I use it everyday. Unfortunately I can’t host right now because I live in a dorm school and there are several rules: no people from midnight to 7am. 😦 But, from August, I will have my house and then I also will start to host people. I’m getting excited!!

–        When did you join postcard group?

I joined the cs postcard group in the mid of November just for fun and I sent 5 or 6 postcards from Vancouver to people around the world! So in that moments it was just a kind of game and I didn’t think that it would be transformed into a PASSION.

–        How did you start collecting postcards?

It was by accident. I was surfing the cs website and I found this group and I liked the idea.

–        Where was it from your first postcard? Where did you send your first?

I still remember the day when I sent my first postcard. It was last November 18th. I went to a shop in Gastown, a Vancouver neighborhood, during my lunch break and I bought some postcards. First stamp, 1,85 canadian dollars, I was so exited, my first postcard was my departing for the Philippines.

The first one that I got was from Philippines too from the same girl that I sent my first one. I was happy like a child. Despite it being sent on December 4th, I received it in the early days of January, it took one month. I was happy like a child that day, I couldn’t stopped reading and re-reading the card. That card had done thousands of miles to reach me. It was a fantastic day and it was also the day when I seriously started to collect postcards. So, I went to the cs postcard group and I opened a post “Pc from Milan” and I started to swap postcards with several people. In the few next days I was excited, I had received some answers and I couldn’t wait to send postcards. I also wrote some posts in the main local European page.

–        How many postcards do you have now in your collection?

Currently I just have 37 postcards but they increase day after day. For a collector is nothing. My dream is to reach at least 1000 of them 🙂

And I  always write the postcards that I send with the same pen. It isn’t a special pen but I like the black ink and I like how it writes.

–        Where did they come from?

They are mainly from Europe, but I’ve several from South East Asia, Mexico, Ghana, Brunei, Borneo, Australia.

–        Did you ever met people who send you postcards?

Unfortunately I’ve never meet people that sent me pc. But, receiving postcards from people you don’t know is something that pleases me even more. Thinking that for a moment a person who doesn’t know me is writing a short sentence for me, makes me feel good!

–        What does this hobby mean for you? Why do you send postcards yourself?

I feel happy everyday. It is a kind of way to travel and to share short thoughts with other people from all over the world.

–        What do you feel when you see postcards in your postbox?template

Hahaha omg, I can’t explain it!

In the drom school where I live, we have a kind of billboard above written the numbers of all the room. My room is 248. When there is mail they use to put a dot with a marker next to the room number.

I learned that the postman arrives more or less around the 10/10.30 and every day, after that time, if I’m in the room I catapulted down to see if something has arrived.

I dream that dot next to the number of my room, hahaha.

–        Do you have other hobby?

I used to collect stamps but was very long time ago! But I left it from one hand for the money, from the other hand because I didn’t feel any emotion to buy new stamps.

–        Do you travel a lot? Where have you been?

I didn’t have too much time and too much money to travel a lot. I wish it after my graduation, maybe to find a job that could permit me to travel.

I’ve been to USA, Thailand, France, Spain and Canada where I lived for three months. The other trips weren’t more than 3 weeks.

–        When did you start your blog?

Few days ago, on the February 4th, I’m a novice also in this case!

–        What is idea of the blog? Why did you start it?

I wanna share my postcards with other people and I wanna make them smile and also wanna share my happiness.

–        What do you want to write about in it?

I write about myself, about my daily life and about places that are on the postcards.

–        What do you do in a normal life?

I’m a marketing student and I will be graduated in one year. I moved from my lovely hometown (Salerno) to Milan when I was 19 to attend a good university and to have more opportunities. I’m a UNICEF volunteer and I have a kind of occasional work collaboration with my university.

–        Do your friends know about your postcard passion. What do they say?

Yes, I always show them my new postcards and my good friends know that this new passion is making me very very happy.

– What are you future plans in your hobbies?

My next step will be send postcards to myself from all the places where I will go, also from Italian cities and I will write on it “from me to me”. I know, it’s a bit strange, but maybe I am strange too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Interview with a postcard lover from Italy

  1. I could never expect that someone would write something about me!
    Thanks again 🙂

  2. Guiliana the postcards are fun! I have never met someone with such a great look on life!! You live it and love whatever comes your way, I have been so blessed to have you stay with me in Vancouver as I feel like you are part of my family! And can’t wait until you come back. Love you ❤

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