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Meeting with a Dutch journalist

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inger2After meeting with Inger Stokkink at different International community events I finally asked her for interview. Inger has so many stories to tell that it was just a matter of time when we will meet for an interview.

The very first time I heard about Inger was from International community journal “Expat Partners: Our stories”, where she was telling about her life in Denmark. After this I met with her at a business seminar, and finally after meeting her at Danish Christmas decorations workshop I asked her to meet me for an interview.

Inger is a Dutch journalist, it was her dream since she was 10 years old, but only when she was 39, her husband inspired her to start studying. She already had master’s in political studies from university in Amsterdam and then graduated bachelor’s in journalism. She was working afterwards both for regional broadcast (Omroep Gelderland) and for print (De Gelderlander). And 3 years ago she followed her husband, who received a job in Aarhus, Denmark.

For Inger being in Denmark is a challenge, she is a freelance journalist now, but as she told me nobody in Netherlands is interested enough to buy news from Denmark, and her Danish is not perfect to write for local newspapers. But fortunately, Inger has an active life. She started new hobby in Denmark, just after 6 months being in the country she went to sailing school, also she continued with her passion to make creative things, she joined hacker club in Aarhus, where they make different things from CD’s and other objects. And just after one month living in foreign country she joined a local choir (here you can read an interesting post she wrote about it).

And of course Inger tries to be involved in different interesting projects in Aarhus.

She invited me to one of them. It calls “The Bridge project”. It is a new project, and it’s goal is to create network of high educated expats who currently live in Denmark and have business or are interested to start one. Recently they’ve discussed the club’s mission. They want to create a safe place for networking and improvement for internationals. Members of the club want to help each other to create solutions of the challenges in everyday life in Denmark, to provide expat perspective to natives and to provide coaching for adapting to new workplace. Now they try to promote this project and organize different events. As I am myself a foreign person in Denmark and even after 2 years of living here I have some culture difficulties sometimes, it was very interesting to attend meeting, where people’s goal is not just to talk but to create solutions from the situation. You can read more about “The Bridge project” on their blog, Linkedin and Facebook groups. Of course it would be more interesting for those who live in Denmark. But maybe, if you are living abroad yourself, you will find local club or create your own?

As Inger told the most important to have a hobby, especially in another country, if you are good in it, language barriers are not so important anymore!

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