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Meeting with mosaics artist in Aarhus

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969036_145339838988376_1397878132_nToday’s guest of my blog is Nathalie Boss. She is a talented artist from Aarhus.

We met in her studio in the city center and she told me about her work and life.

Nathalie has a very interesting story to tell. Half – French, half – Israeli, she spend her first 28 years in both countries. From Paris she took the love for the arts and architecture and from Israel her character.

As she told me art was always in her life. Her father is found of museums, and herself she studied in the art and pedagogy academy and in Israel.

During her studies in Switzerland she met her Danish girlfriend and she was the reason to come to Denmark 17 years ago.

After 2 years she found a job in Grenaa in a center for helping people with social problems. She needed to have a job, and also believed in the healing effect of the arts  of help people. In the groups they were mainly painting, making sculptures, creating pieces from trash materials etc. And then one time she was asked if she could do mosaics. “No, but ask me next week again” – was her answer.

Nathalie went to the library and learned from books about techniques of doing mosaics. It was 12 years ago and now she is a real professional!

She teaches mosaics weekend workshops for adults in FO- byen (different culture courses from learning languages to Russian literature and guitar playing). She Also  works at Kofoedsskole, school that provides self – help for people with social problems. And this year she starts a new project for students in high school. She will be house artist and will show them and involve them in the work of an artist. This she will make together with a colleague that will present the art of poetry and writing.1009695_159765720879121_2011502256_o

Nathalie created a lot of beautiful art pieces already. As she told me, in the start  of her artistic career she used some political meanings, but in mosaics it is important for here just to create  beauty.

There are disputes if mosaics is an art form or a craftsmanship, but people just smile when they see her mosaic tables or vases. And for herself, making mosaics is a form of meditation, defocusing . she is an active person in everyday life, but when she makes piece with 10 000 tiles she just enjoys the quiet of her studio and the process.

Thanks to her network Nathalie sold her works. First it was tables and things for house designs, but  later it grow to big pieces for schools.

It takes for some works 2 months to make, for another one half a year. Nathalie tries to play with colors, forms and motives, in the grey Danish environment she tries to add something colorful. She gets her ideas from different places, if it is a work for sale, she can talk with the person about their favorite colors and preferences, or she gets inspired from another artists (like Van Gogh or Picasso), or from architecture and places she visited.

When I asked what kind of art Nathalie prefers herself, Nathalie answered that she likes also modern art, and that the most important for her is if the artist’s work can talk to her, if she can build a story, or can laugh or be shocked.

And in the end Nathalie shared with me the ideas that help her to create.1069295_154476281408065_1006787069_n

Firstly, if you don’t have an idea about what you want to do, you just have to start working. Rarely we have a great inspiration, and then it’s a lot of hard work the rest of the time (Nathalie is not the first who tells about this, you can read my previous post about Camilla, who has a favorite song to start her working process even when she doesn’t have any mood to work).

And then, in the minutes of despair, you have to believe in yourself and the art process. You did it before and you can make it again.

Hope you got today extra inspiration from my post, enjoy your day and don’t afraid to create!

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