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Meeting with film production assistant

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1b53b98I think most of you went to some language classes. While my living in Denmark I decided to attend language school. My group is a very nice, but we have evening classes and all of the students have jobs, so we don’t have enough time to socialise and get each other better. About my classmates I know some basic information where they work, names, countries they came from. But we communicate on the breaks or while doing some language exercices, but anyway is not enough to really get know a person.

During one of such exercises I was sitting near one girl, who wanted to change groups to study Danish a bit faster. We talk a bit, and then she told me she got an internship in a film company.

I immediately was interested, and I knew that I will not have a second chance to ask her for a interview. So in the class, in whisper,being a bit nervous, because I didn’t tell that my hobby is journalism before, I asked her to meet me for an interview. But luckyly she didn’t think it was inappropriate and she agreed to meet me.

So now I have a chance to introduce you Anda Ionescu, 25 years old girl from Romania.

She came to Denmark 3 years ago to continue to study communication at Aarhus business school and after graduating she was looking for a job.

As she told me she always had passion first for acting in school theatre, and then for film producing. And I again discovered that Aarhus is a very small city, where everybody knows everyone. And Anda was one of the people, who helped Stoyan to organise Aarhus film challenge festival. She was responsible for organising events and to promote festival.

One of the most amazing things she did last year with her friends – is going to Cannes festival. It all started in the bar, when she met her friend Marius Mindrutau for a drink. Some of them said as a joke that they should go to Cannes. But they liked the idea, and started to think how they can achieve this goal. It is impossible to go to Cannes for average people, you need to have special passes as a journalist to get there. To solve this problem they decided that the easiest way is to create a website, where they can write articles and post interviews from the festival. It took them 2 months to get all documents and to look for sponsors of their trip. Two of their friends joined, Anda did interviews and wrote articles and Marius was responsible for video- and photo survey. Accomodation in Cannes was very expensive, and also she was surprised that they needed to wait 2 hours line to get to the movies, so they could attend only two movies per a day. But they managed to get interesting interviews and to describe events on their website.

As Anda told me thanks to her activies she managed to get internship in Danish film company “Beofilm”. They took her on a job as an initiative person. Now she is a production assistant, and she does a lot of different things, one time in three days she had to find a helicopter and an ambulance car for a movie shooting.

Now she is involved in two film projects: TV series ”TurboModul”(comedy sketchshow) and drama ”Koko – Di, Koko – Da” by director Johannes Nyholm.

If one day you will meet Anda in person, you will have chance to see what wonderful person she is. Not only talented, but very open, friendly and communicative, surely good qualities for her job. But she is a very modest and she says that being in the right place with right people helped her to get good ideas that lead her to this moment of her life.

I hope Anda’s example shows how passion about your hobby can help you to achieve success in a career. Anda just started this path, but I am sure she will have great results. As will you, if you would develop your own talents!

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