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Meeting with poet from Lithuania

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17004646_l_90331aeeb9d948df00d5c90c6f39ba8cMy friend Dominik advised me to meet his good friend Agnius for an interview. Recently Agnius participated in Women’s Museum (Kvindemuseet) temporary exhibition. It took part in August – October and the topic was “A world of stories”. Young people from different countries, currently living in Aarhus, presented their life stories in pictures, films and objects.

Agnius is 23 years old, he came from Lithuania. I met him last year on couchsurfing meeting, and I have to say he is not a person whom you like from the first sight.  Agnius is a real artist, he lives in his own world, full of images and inspiration. He likes to meet new people and helps them by hosting via couchsurfing.

And he is a talented person. First he told me about his exhibition. It took several weeks to prepare it, every young person had to organize his own place, and Agnius enjoyed this process. It was totally new experience.

Taking part in “A world of stories” is not the only thing he does in Aarhus.

About a year ago Agnius started to attend “Y Aarhus poetry club”, he presents there his poems and short stories. He likes to write, it is opportunity to express himself, his thoughts and feelings, but at the same time to be behind the stage. Last year club published a book of members’ pieces and there is Agnius’ poem below the post.

After talking with this young man I discovered how passionate he is about knowledge. After finishing multimedia design course he spends a lot of time at library where he reads science books. In future he has a goal to study human behavior from biological view.

And since for the moment Agnius doesn’t work he has time for hobbies (and he has various interests). He attends vegetarian cooking club, dance classes, Danish lessons and volunteers at Fairbar.

His next goal is to find internship in Denmark.

I think one day I will explore topic how we like/ dislike people immediately. But I hope you will find a time to give chance to talented and strange people to be your friends. I am sure you’ll not regret it!12828403_l_c31e69c5603792d83b893b00bf955d42

Skeleton in the closet (poem by Agnius)

I wanna hold her through the night,

I wanna feel her gentle body lines,

I wanna listen to her silent lull,

I wanna breathe into her fragrant skin.

I wanna share her frailty,

I wanna soothe her sorrow,

I wanna press her hand against my lips,

I wanna…take her in.

But she doesn’t know me,

She doesn’t know my gentle voice,

She cannot hear my soothing hum,

And I’m a stranger to her lips

The song I lull,

The secret I carry,

Mirrored in silent gaze,

Concealed within bones.

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