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From Artic adventures to own company at Musikhuset Aarhus

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I had a pleasure to have my first interview with businessman.2c73645

Mads Skovbjerg Paldam has his company since 2007 and was very kind to meet me for a talk about his life and work.

Mads studied sociology, literature, political science and public management in Aarhus, also he had exchange semesters in Germany and France and he was living in different countries like Chile, USA, UK. During summer holidays Mads had an interesting job – he was working as tour guide and later as destination manager at “Artic Adventure” (the company organizes Artic and Antarctica cruises, Mads was working at Greenland route). Thanks to this job his dream to see Greenland came true and also he got practical experience working with people (as part of his job he had to hire people).

Also during university years he started to work as IT- programmer for Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, technology was his another passion. Afterwards he accepted offer to be head of IT- department. He was working for this position for 6 years when he decided to start his own company.

As he told he got business idea and decided that he doesn’t want to work with too much bureaucracy anymore.

First they offered all internet deals like creating websites, but later Mads decided to specialize just on one product. It calls Asimut, it is web-based software for timetabling, event management, room booking. It is designed for music academies, theatre and drama schools. He got this idea after talking with music academy workers, who always had problems with arrangements and timetables.  His first client became Danish Royal Academy of Music and they began to have more clients after they got London Royal College of Music.

There are 4 more people working on Asimut Aps, they are responsible for sales, customer support, programming and market development in Germany, Spain and France.

I am very glad I had this interview with Mads, I am curious to discover about characters one needs to have to be a good businessman. After talking with Mads I saw that he is very open, communicative, and I was impressed when he started to talk about his love to Russian literature (I immediately adore people who know about M. Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”), so somehow he knows how to find a key to other people. Also I discovered that Aarhus is a small city when it appeared that my ex-classmate from Danish language school works for Mads. And she told that he is a good boss and has friendly relationships with his employees.

It was a very useful meeting for me and hope I will have more such interesting interviews and will discover more about Danish business!

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