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Mysterious musician from Denmark

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During my last interview I met another interesting person. His stage name is Jimmy Biggs, originally he is from the Great Britain, and he moved to Denmark 3 years ago.

I met Jimmy because of “Y poetry club” in Aarhus, where he performed his songs. Also Jimmy is co – host in the club.

I met Jimmy several times, and he is the person who has a lot of different personalities, maybe like all of us. In the poetry club he is open and communicative; during interview he was calm and I had pleasure to hear his remarks with real English humor, but what surprised me the most how Jimmy was modest about his music despite of his obvious talents.

He wrote his first album at the age of 17 and during 7 years he has written already 7 albums, the last one  is called “Urchins”. The stage name come from Ronnie Biggs, famous English train robber of 1960-ss. And as you can see from his videos, he covers his face, he wants people to be concentrate on music, but not on his personality. All songs Jimmy writes himself, he saved money from his ex-job to be able to write music full time, and he will do it for several months more, and, as I think, he is very productive, for some songs he needs more time, but some he can write in 10 minutes, but as he said he doesn’t write about love, because “he is not good enough”. Jimmy thinks that to write beautiful love lyrics you need to have special talent. But I am sure you will enjoy his songs about other aspects of life.012

Here you can see some of his videos. You can download his songs for free, as Jimmy’s aim to share his music with everyone.

And you are welcome to join “Y poetry club”, the only place you can see live performance of Jimmy.

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