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An angel who accidently became a writer

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968963_10151677636134339_1671245886_nI asked Camilla Sydel for an interview after her amazing performance at “Y Poetry Club”.

We met some days afterwards and I was delighted to discover her fantastic personality.

Camilla has a talent from childhood, with her mother, brother and sister they always dressed up and had home theatre, also she was lucky to have good school teachers, one of them told her she had a good fantasy and writing skills. Then as a kid Camilla decided that either she would be a writer or a tennis player. She was not so good in sport, but she managed her other dream come true.

But it took some time. First after school Camilla wanted to be an artist, she went to art school and studied there sculptures and ceramics. But in some time she got tired of it and decided to change her life. She was thinking a lot about her future, and then she asked herself of what she would never be tired? And the answer came immediately – reading. So in 2003 she entered university in Copenhagen and studied there literature.

Several years ago she moved to Aarhus and here she has an extremely interesting life.

Firstly, she is a writer. She published her book in 2011, it’s called “Hvordan jeg fik den perfekte røv” (“How I got the perfect ass”). It consists of short funny stories. Camilla’s favorite story is “An angel who became a dentist by mistake”,about angel who forgot that he had wings and he had boring job instead, but one day when he was going to dentist meeting by train he pushed emergency break and got out. He found himself on beautiful beach and it was the moment when he could fly again.395770_10151573266134339_1161911264_n

All Camilla’s stories are written with great sense of humor; I enjoyed the most “Monday who wanted to be a Sunday”. The story is about poor Monday, whom people hated, it was the day when it was raining all the time and everybody had to go to work. Monday wanted to be a Sunday, who went for picnics or to the forest and met friends and family every time. So one day Monday quit his job. Monday and Sunday met each other in many years, Monday looked rest and happy, and Sunday was dressing stylish cloths, but he wasn’t happy with his job anymore, because people prefer to go to casinos or Tivoli or cinemas, no more cozy Sunday days.

Camilla has a lot of ideas she carries her notebook all the time, now she writes longer stories.

To promote her books Camilla attend different literature clubs, for example she started to attend “Y poetry club” more than two years ago.

Another part of Camilla’s life is acting. She is an actress at experimental theater in Aarhus Billedspor.

391196_10150425271154339_776325514_nAlso with her friend Leyilah Birn they call themselves Søstrene Smukk (Sisters Beautiful, this is the game with the words Brothers Grimm, in Danish grim means ugly). They perform for children during festivals and culture weeks in Aarhus.

Camilla is also an artist. She paints 2 times per week, she sold some of them already, but now she has around 30 paintings that we would be able to see soon in art gallery.

The painting you see here is the cover of her book. The story about it is quite funny, one time a man came to Camilla and asked her to paint a deer near the lake, and Camilla did it as she imagined, but the man wanted to have some more classical painting. Camilla liked this painting anyway and she decided to put it on cover.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I asked Camilla how she has such motivation for creating things, she shared her favorite song with me. She tells that thanks to this song she has a mood for painting.

In the end I asked about her favorite authors, Camilla’s choice is extraordinary like her life. She likes to read children’s literature. Since Camilla didn’t lose child in herself, she enjoys such books. She sees there philosophic meaning. Her favorite ones are “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint – Exupery and “The moomins” by Tove Jansson.

Camilla also likes books of Neil Gaiman and Peer Hultberg (about his “Requiem” she did her masters at university).

In the end of our meeting I asked Camilla to share her life principle. One of the things that make her life more interesting – is to do something that she is afraid of.

And also she likes quote by Mark Twain “I have spent most of my time worrying about things that never happened”.

Hope you don’t worry too much and enjoy every beautiful day! Have a nice day.

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