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Usually I try not to be late for my interviews, sometimes it happened, but this time I had good excuse, in Aarhus there are 50% sales, so I just couldn’t pass some shops. Luckily, my interviewee was late himself, so I didn’t feel embarrassed. We went to the nearest cafe and had a nice talk.

This time I met with Jacob, he is 32 years old. Originally he is from Odder, studied in Aarhus at business school. And he is living in Copenhagen for the moment; he has been working for a half a year in IT- consulting company. I heard about differences between Aarhus and Copenhagen citizens, so I ask how was the life for Jacob in the capital.

Jacob likes to live in Copenhagen, it is another rhythm of life there, city is more liberal compare to Aarhus, and you can be yourself there.

Though Jacob lives alone now, but he is not active on couchsurfing anymore, he works 60-65 hours per week sometimes and there is no time for surfers or meetings. But before he was quite active on couchsurfing. In 2008 he traveled with his girlfriend to the USA and Canada, they had 4- months trip and they surfed a lot. What Jacob liked the most – the hospitality of Americans, they like guests at their homes and it was easy to find place for a night. In Denmark he hosted a lot while he lived in Aarhus.

Jacob tries to have some activities in his life, he is member of kayak and hiking clubs. This year he is going to hike in Scotland. He enjoys places that are different from Danish landscapes, where there are mountains and beautiful nature, he doesn’t like to visit big cities.

As Jacob described himself he is a rational and reasonable person, he likes to hear professional opinions from people and to explore other cultures.

Though we didn’t talk a lot of time, but I found Jacob very interesting person, he was extremely joyful and open about his life!

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