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janisWhen I was going to “Løve’s Bog og Vin Cafe” to attend an event of ”Y Aarhus Poetry Club” I said to myself that I was just going to enjoy the performance of different poets. But the readings were so interesting and inspiring that I just needed to ask some of the writers for an interview.

The first person I talked to was Janis Lynn Frankø.

Within five minutes of talking with Janis, I already admired her. She is one of few people who is shining from an inside. She was smiling all the time, her eyes were just sparking with happiness and Janis was very honest about her life (an extremely interesting one).

Originally, Janis is from the USA and after high school she moved to Israel, where she lived 15 years. There she met her Danish husband and moved to Denmark 23 years ago. She is an English teacher and in her free time she writes poetry and paints.

She doesn’t feel either Danish nor does she fell American. As she says, she belongs to Israel, because she lived there at the time when a person experiences the most and develops a personality. She moved to Denmark only because of love, and she has raised three children here .

About four years ago she became a member of ”Y Aarhus Poetry Club.” Writing has always been a part of Janis’ life and she started to write since she was 17 years old and has never stopped. She writes about her feelings, emotions, about nature and animals. While she lived in Israel she always had inspiration from unusual people, mountains, wild animals. In Denmark she learned how to describe details

Janis is just an incredible woman. I asked her how did manges to combines all of the parts of her life – creativity, work and family.

She doesn’t have a specific everyday plan, she likes that her days are not similar to each other, she tries to have balance between the most important things of her life: her family, job, art and friends. But she does yoga and spends an hour a day to draw or to write. As she told me no matter what, she just writes, even if there is no inspiration it would come during process.

Also Janis shared with me a little idea. She wants to create an album with her painting and poems for her children. She wants them to remember her and to leave something behind about her life.

I like this idea. What are we doing for our future generations? When your grandchildren will draw the family tree, what would your children say about your life? Were you a creative person, did you make other people happy, or was the meaning of your life just to wake up everyday to a boring job in order to survive?

I hope your life, like Janis’ life, also has a meaning!

P.S. Here you can read some of Janis’ works http://aarhusculture.com/2013/03/01/dressed-magnolia-and-naked-me/



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