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I think without challenges our lives would be too boring. Opening my own blog was a big challenge for me, but now I think that it is one of the best decisions in my life, I met so many fantastic people already! But in the FS.photo.mertzbeginning I met mostly people from couchsurfing, with who I can say I was on the same level of experiences, I traveled a lot, I surfed  and hosted, so meeting with couchsurfers were like meetings with friends, and not just interviewing. So when I felt more secure to interview people I decided to have new tasks in my life.

In Aarhus there are more than 35 000 students, and I met some of them, of course, during my life in Denmark. I wanted to know more about university life, but from another side. So I contact some professors to agree about interviews.

Today’s post is about one of Aarhus University professors, Frederik Stjernfelt, he works at Department of Aesthetics and Communication, in center for Semiotics. He has taught at Aarhus University for 5 years already, and it takes most of his time now. But he has a lot of other activities in his life.

Frederik’s education is Nordic literature studies and after university he worked as an editor at “Gyldendal” (1993-2013) and as a critic at “Weekendavisen” (1994-present). He has always written for different academic journals and magazines.

Frederik published about 12 books, most of them are academic, for narrow circle of readers. But he also has 4 books for publics audience. He wrote them with novelist Jens – Martin Eriksen. The first two books  (“Hadets anatomi. Rejser i Serbien og Bosnien efter krigen” and ”Krigens scenografi. Nye rejser i Serbien og Bosnien “) were written in 2003 and 2004 after their trip to Balkan countries , it is discussion of politic programs written behind the wars, how the Europeans were seduced by this drama and how it would affect the 21-century policy.

The last book ”De Anstændige” was published in June 2013, it is about freedom of speech and religion, that despite of religion views of others people are allowed to say what they want. Now Frederik has a lot of interviews because of the book, in the evening of the day I interviewed him, Frederik also was invited to Danish channel DR2, so it was extremely nice of him to meet me.

During the summer time Frederik is planning to finish book about American philosopher Charles Peirce, he will publish it next year , it would be dedicated to 100 – year anniversary of the scientist’s death. The book will have special selection of Peirce’s ideas.

In the end just would like to say that meeting with Frederik was very interesting, he is a very busy person because of his work and travelling, but he found time to meet me. Frederik is a good orator, so I think his students are lucky to have him as professor! 🙂

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