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In April I attended RAMA festival in Musikhuset, organized by students of the Royal music academy in Aarhus. The shows were so good and professional that I thought “I need to meet some of the students”. But after this time I was so busy with travelling and with meeting people for interviews, and I didn’t have time for new project. But idea was in the air, so when one of the couchsurfers posted an invitation for his final exam concert in Musikhuset, I contact him immediately. I couldn’t attend his performance, but we agreed to meet during the weekend.

Valentin Guérin is 23 years old, he moved to Denmark 2 years ago to study masters, he plays trombone. 18370647_l_7493aaaeba2211617e596fd0f2e6416d

He tried to play different instruments when he was a little child, his mother is a professional pianist, so his brother and he inherited musical talents (Valentin’s brother is  a trumpet player). Valentine got know trombone at musical school when he was 10 years old, he liked that instrument sounded funny. When he grew up he started IT-school, but he quitted it in one year and decided to study music more professionally. For 4 years he studied in France, but after bachelor’s degree decided to study abroad. He was thinking about the USA and the Great Britain, but by lucky incident he met professor from Denmark, and this how he got here.

He liked to study a lot in Denmark, Musikhuset offers a lot of rooms for a practice and the music academy organizes different performances abroad (they had concerts in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia). Also Valentin liked his practice in teaching and entrepreneurship lessons where they were taught how to build projects and to earn money from music.

Actually Valentin started his project several years ago. Since his mother and brother are also musicians they organized their band “Scenes de famille”, for 4 years they were inventing a show “Family fantasy”, performance with sense of humor of 3 people (you can check his web site with a lot of interesting videos www.valentin-guerin.fr). Soon Valentin will start selling DVD with concert video, the price will be just one euro, because Valentin wants music to be available for people who don’t have time to attend live shows.

What I liked the most in Valentin is how inventive he is, he’s not afraid of challenges and liked to test his talents. On his website you can see how he plays trombone on unicycle; during RAMA festival he organized performance with string orchestra, and they played “Dream” by Andrew Cadima (29-year old composer from the USA). Among his other talents is creating web-sites.

In the end Valentin kindly showed me a roof of Musikhuset, where I enjoyed one the most beautiful views in Aarhus. It was the place where he did his creative photoshoots.

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