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Short fim challenge in Aarhus


It was one of those interviews when I discovered a lot not only about another person, but about myself as well. I was advised to interview Stoyan Yankov, I contact him and we agreed to meet the next day.942491_545065375539948_547289861_n

Stoayn is from Bulgaria and 3 years ago he decided to move to Denmark to study at Aarhus university, he graduated this year. As he told me knowing finances helps him in film industry.

He has always had a passion for cinema world. A few years ago he started like an actor but in some time felt more comfortable behind the camera. he started to produce and to direct short movies. He began to meet people with the same interests, they took part in Aarhus festuge competition and won 2nd place (you can see the video by this link https://vimeo.com/49068167 ) and at MOFIL International Contest they took 5th place (http://mofilm.com/p/340aa3), also they won prize for best adapted screenplay at Jameson Empire Awards in 2013.

Stoyan and his friends were so excited about their hobby that one day they just decided to organize their own festival. They contact a lot of people and received a lot of help and support, and in spring 2012 Aarhus short film challenge started (http://www.shortfilmchallenge.dk). The task is that you have a random topic and you have 7 days to come with idea, to shoot and edit movie no longer than 5 minutes. They had also autumn edition and it gathered 129 teams (more than 500 people) from 29 countries.

Thanks to this festival Stoyan met a lot of associates, with some of them in 2013 he started his one company BBG films and with other ones he created short films club in Aarhus.

They organize different events in this club, on one of them I joined after interview. It was 6 hours short film challenge. The idea is the same like at festival, you have some topic and 6 hours to do a short film.

on productionTo say that I was scared to attend this meeting is to say nothing. I’ve always been interested in films, I attended some short film festivals, I like to go to cinema, but that’s all, I have never been in film production, so I didn’t know how it looks like. And we always afraid of what we don’t know, as for me I am afraid to look silly.

But I decided to take this challenge, plus it was opportunity to see how Stoyan works. It was not the first time they organized such event, this time 8 people came and we were divided in 2 teams. I was in team with Stoyan, Kevin (co-founder of short film club) and Alexander (actor from Copenhagen, who also plays in “Hamlet” in Silkeborg). The topic was “Small, good, disgusting”.  For about an hour we had a brain storm, and we came to an idea. The story was about a young man, who sees a beautiful girl in the park, he comes to her, but when she gets up she sees that he is a very small man and for her it is so disgusting that he decided to come to her. So he goes away, but he liked girl a lot, the next moment he comes in a very expensive car and now the girl is attracted to him, she comes to the car and they began to flirt. In some moments this guy starts to worry about something, he takes his driver cap from the car, and now his boss comes to the car. The last scene was that in the back mirror sad driver sees like his dream girl flirts with his boss.

Alexander had a friend who also could act and borrow us his car. We went to the park near the seaside and it took about 2 hours to shoot the scenes. It was my very first experience in acting and I am so grateful to Stoyan, Alexander and Kevin for their support and patience, they explained me everything and I had great fun to work with them.ASFC

After we returned  it took about an hour to edit film, but we didn’t have time to find good music to video. We represented our video and watched video of another team, their video was awesome. It was very funny, about a guy who tries to be very cool, he buys marijuana, and after he smokes he sees different funny images. They found good soundtracks, so it was great pleasure to look the video.

I am very grateful that Stoyan found time to meet me and he showed me film production world. The atmosphere was just great, it was creative, friendly environment, everyone was polite to each other and was willing to hear other peoples’ ideas and to help each other. And to see in the end result of your work was just amazing!

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