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Delicious Belgian desserts and a story from Niels

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6131327_l_b0371da68b55b0710d935b2d76e93517Niels is another nice Belgian I met in Aarhus. Open about his life, friendly, a bit serious, very interesting, this is how I discovered Niels like a person. “Happiness is everywhere you just have to recognize it!” – one of his most favorite quotes .

Niels is 25 years old, first he came to Denmark during his studies (he studied coal industry engineering) 3 years ago,  he met here a nice girl Deni from Bulgaria, and they began to date, even when Niels received job and for a year worked in Switzerland, they didn’t stop seeing each other.

Both of them like to travel, last year they went to Finland, and this year they plan to go to the USA and Canada. Also on weekends when the weather is nice, they like to cycle to Aarhus suburbs, sometimes they cycle 60-100 km per a day!

Niels likes to cook, especially when he has surfers from another countries and he can discover something new from them.

He kindly shared his favorite recipes with me. Looking forward to cook delicious desserts. Hope you will use it as well!

Belgian Waffles

The dessert of the day: Belgian Waffles for 5 to 6 persons (depends if you like to share)
What do we need:
– 500 gr. flour
– 1 tablespoon yeast
– 350 gr. sugar
– 50 gr. vanilla sugar
– 350 gr. butter for baking
– 1 cup of water
– 0.5 cup of milk
– 5 eggs
How are we going to make these pieces fit?
Mix the flour, yeast, vanilla sugar and the sugar in a bowl.7149686_l_eecb1da4df7d40a6b9fcf315e5b0a520
Melt the butter and let it cool down a little.
Add the water and milk to the cooled butter and combine with the flour-sugar mixture.
Separate the eggs: add the yellow to the mixture with one hand, while making the white of
the egg foam with the other one.
When foamy enough, you can add it to the puzzle and the baking can start!
Don’t let it burn and mind your fingers… Doesn’t matter how tasty it looks:
enjoying your home-baked waffles without the smell of burning flesh is also a feast for your nose.

Chocolate mousse

Today on the menu: chocolate mousse
What we need for 8 people to be happy:
-9 or 10 eggs
-200 gr. chocolate
-250 ml cream
-60 gr. sugar (or maybe a little more)
What we do to make 8 people happy:
-Separate the eggs: white goes one way, yellow the other
-Melt the chocolate
-Whip the cream very stiff
-Make the white part of the eggs very foamy
-Cream and foamy go in the fridge
-Sugar and yellow go together and the chocolate will join them
-Time for the cream to join the party
-When the foam enters the room everyone gets so tired: time to rest in the fridge for one night
Next day: no hangover and to celebrate that: a party in the mouths of 8 people (or less, if you don’t like to share)

Chocolate cake

4 eggs
300 g. flour mixed with 30 g. baking powder (Пекарский порошок)
200 g. sugar
1 small package of vanilla sugar (or just 100 g extra sugar)
160 g butter
1 chocolate bar (around 100 g of chocolate)

Melt the butter, but not completely liquid, almost liquid
mix the sugar with the butter and then add the eggs one by one while stirring firmly
add the flour and the baking powder while keeping on stirring
melt the chocolate in the microwave or ‘au bain marie’ (let it float in a cup while all around is hot water, but make sure there is no water in the cup itself)
put some leftover butter on the side of the baking form (so the cake will not stick to it)
fill up to half of the form with the mixture you made
Add the chocolate, so you have a layer of molten chocolate
fill the rest up with the leftover of the mixture
leave it aroud one hour on 170 degrees in the oven

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