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Inspiration seminar about Entrepreneurship by Aarhus International Community

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Last week I was lucky to attend one event organized by International community in Aarhus. International community allows to attend a lot of interesting places in the city, that usually I would not be able to see. Thanks to this organization I have been at the City Archive, at “Århus Stiftstidende” newspaper office, at Aarhus Cathedral and met a lot of nice people from different countries.

This time I decided to go to some seminar, it called “You can do it! – Inspiration seminar about Entrepreneurship”, I didn’t understand what it will be about exactly, but it took part at Aros museum, so I wanted just to go and to see.

Seminar was just amazing, it took almost 4 hours, and I got so much new information.

There were several speeches. First speaker was Michelle Song Eriksen, originally she is from China, she moved to Denmark around 10 years ago, when she decided to study at university.

Michelle studied market economy and for long time she was working in international companies that had commercial connections with China. And from February 2013 she started her own business, she helps Danish and Chinese businessmen to find each other for a trade.

Listening to Michelle was fantastic, she is a great orator, and she can motivate other people. What I liked the most is her speech, that she always tried to do her best. She demands a lot from herself and finds new solutions. When she didn’t have a job and knew no Danish, she just started to call to companies from “yellow pages”, after a lot of failures she finally found a job, and worked at that company for 7 years. In the end she was a Regional purchasing manager (Asia).

In some time she got fired because of company’s restructure and for several months she couldn’t find a job, but Michelle didn’t lose her spirit and started everything from new chapter. She found another job where she worked for several years. In the end she understood that she wants from life something more, for several months she considered idea of started her own business, she went to different startup meetings and asked specialists for advises. She decided to believe in herself one time more. Looking at her happy face I can say that she made a right decision.

Here are some of Michelles’ life rules:

–         Catch opportunities

–         Make priorities

–         Be perfect

–         Your life is in your own hands

–         If nobody wants to hire you, you “hire” yourself, “invest” in yourself

–         Safety net is not always safe

–         Set up goals, take action and follow them one by one

–         You are unique!

Another fantastic speaker was Lyn Harrison. This is an amazing woman. She was journalist for 36 years, editor for 25 years, she moved to Denmark from England when she married and started totally new life. In 2012 she founded InsightWind that provides crucial strategic intelligence, also to new companies entering the wind business, and fact-based expert knowledge to professionals working to raise broad understanding of wind power.

Lyn told us about her past and future projects. And she shared her life principles with us.

Some of them are:

–         Be positive, open and nice to people

–         Think what you can offer to people and society

–         There are always a lot of opportunities, use them

–         Challenge yourself

–         Be inventive

–         Make new contacts every week

–         Find good things in everything (for example, moving to a new country can be stressful, but for Lyn it was a great experience. If she didn’t change countries to live in, she wouldn’t discover a lot of new information).

They told us a lot about Linkedin, how it can help with finding new useful contacts.

I’ve always thought that business is the best possibility nowadays, when you don’t know what will happen next day and if your company will work in 10 years, but it was the first time ever I have visited such seminar, it was interesting, motivated, and started your own business doesn’t seems like a scary thing to do in life.

Now just need to find good business idea for a new start in my life!

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