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Meeting with volunteer bartend/doctor

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On a grey Sunday afternoon I met Jesper for an interview near ”Atlas”, we decided to go to Botanic garden not far from it, we found very nice place on the grass near the lake, and Jesper told me his story. He works as a volunteer bartend.  He is 34 years old, and about 5 years ago he started doing volunteer jobs.  It started because of Jesper’s passion for music. Every month he attended 5-8 concerts. And it became to be a bit expensive, so he found great solution, he works at a nightclub and has opportunity to listen to all interesting concerts.

He does this job almost every weekend, it takes about 18-24 hours per month.  And during weekdays he has a normal job, he works at hospital.

Jesper’s love to music is amazing, he attends NorthSide festival in Aarhus, was many times to Roskilde festival, at Arvika festival  and “Way out West” in Sweden.

I asked him to write his favorite bands (SquarePush, Karen Elson, The Cure, Tom Waits, Bjork, Morbid Angel and many others), and I knew very few of them, of course I searched them in internet, it is not the music I like but it is interesting to listen.

In his busy schedule Jesper finds time to travel, just 3 days before he met me, he was in Spain, in Palma de Mallorca, for the past several years he visited Bali, Croatia, Sweden.

I got an impression that Jesper is a difficult person to understand, he has a great knowledge for music and life in general, but he is a very serious man, we talked a bit more about his couchsurfing experience and then it was time to go. Just in time, it started to rain, I was lucky that it was not very heavy, it takes me one hour to cycle to my home from Aarhus, so I was not completely wet 🙂 And even I would be, meeting Jesper was worth it!

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