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Vuggestue teacher/ Barcelona football fan

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Hammershøi,MalmøI heard positive things about Neda from my best friend, and when I started my blog, I decided that this is a good opportunity for a meeting. Neda kindly invited me to her place in Højbjerg, that is located 5 km from Aarhus.

Neda is 31 years old, originally she is from Iran, but when she was 6 years old her parents moved to Denmark. That is why she combines in herself two cultures, two languages, two different  ways of living. People often ask her who she is – Iranian or Danish, for her it is difficult to say , but surely she feels at home in Aarhus.

She often travels, she has been more than in 25 countries, but her favorite place is Barcelona, she often goes there.  Neda is a football fan, she know a lot about this kind of sport and goes to Spain to see games of FC “Barcelona”.

But now she is a bit busy, she is working in vuggestue (kindergarten for 0-3 years old kids) as  teacher assistant and studying. She is working with kids for several years already, and she will be a professional teacher after graduation. She loves spending time with children, they are fun, honest, curious about life and people, her favorite age is 6-8 years when they begin to understand how the world works.

Neda has a lot of hobbies, she often has an inspiration for writing (poems, songs, novels), she likes to paint and to meet new people. She has been on couchsurfing for 8 years already, so I think it tells that she is a very hospitable person.

Also she is a very spiritual person, she believes that we will receive everything we deserve in life, that if we did something bad or good it would return one day to us. She loves nature and animals, at home she has a very friendly cat, and she is the only person I know who loves  snake and crocodiles. She feels some mystery in these animals, that have lived on this planet for millions years and we still can see them.17987381_l_884d80fced1625f56435ac7a19c04571

I spent very cozy evening with Neda, she is just splendid woman, hope my life will always bring such people with so various interests and ideas.

P.S. Neda kindly shared one of her poems, she is so talanted!

The flame burns up the fire in the woodness beyond the Mountains.
The hands shake in the rain as heavy steps cross the paths.
A tear fill my eye and falls down on the dry ground as the Sun brights up.
The laughter from a frigile heart is singing in the distance behind a dying tree.
There is no hope, no love or soul and I bend down on my knees.

A woman carried her child into the wildness and placed her next to a dying flower.
As she cried a tear fals down as a raindrop into the ocean with a strong power.
Darkness takes away her soul as she falls into a deep sleep far away from here.
Sometimes life bring us small miracles and that day one was raised to her.

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