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How to learn Danish in Lithuania

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It was pleasure to see today Agne,  another  couchsurfer I met for interview. She is 27 years old, from Lithuania.9180902_l_0a93cf3f01e63a11d6c1b27dfd9f6d06

Smiling, positive, caring and kind, in one hour we talked and became friends. In the end I was telling about my life already. She is the person to who you trust immediately!

I have lived in Denmark for one year already, and I have so much problems with studying Danish language, so I was in shock to meet person, for who Danish became main profession and passion in life.

Agne has studied Danish at university, received bachelor’s in Lithuania, and for one year she lived in Denmark during her Erasmus studies.

After graduation she taught Danish to doctors, who were going to work in Denmark.

Now she is living in Denmark, she found temporary job as a nanny (her baby is so cute and nice, he was so friendly), and now she plans to enter university in Vilnius and to have master’s in translation English-Danish- Lithuanian.

She is an active traveler, started from 2008, she knows several languages (Scandinavia languages, French, Italian, and, of course, English), so it is easier to travel for her, for the moment she visited 30 countries, and she plans to see more.

Agne’s favorite country is Cambodia, first time she visited this beautiful country just for 3 days during her trip to Thailand, but then for the whole year she was planning to return for longer time, she managed to do so, and convinced 5 other friends to join her. They travelled for one month, Agne enjoyed climate, local food, low prices. But the most interesting for her was to know locals, they are poor people, but anyway they are happy and love their lives, they are not spoiled by tourists like in Thailand, for example, so staying there brought a lot of good memories.

I really hope I will see Agne soon, we agreed to meet in July, after she’ll pass written, grammar and oral exams in English, Danish and Lithuanian. Hope she will pass all of then and will study in Denmark. Her dream and mission is teaching, and how can you do it without tendency to education?

In the last her main life quote ”If you want to be happy – BE”!


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