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Australian dream

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I was lucky to catch Anders just after his 2 weeks arrival in Aarhus.  He is 28 years old, bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design, originally from Horsens, Dk.Hammershøi,Malmø

We met in  Waxies for a talk about his journey to Australia. I am dreaming about journey to Australia for years, so it was quite motivated for me to meet person, who made his dream about this country come true.

Anders is devoted to life, he has so much hobbies: sports, scuba diving, skydiving, drawing, hiking. I was glad to have opportunity to talk with such  person.

He lived in South Africa for 6 month for his internship and decided to travel like this to Australia.  He lived in Sydney for 3 month, went  to couchsurfing meetings, language exchange meetings,  found new friends and travelling companions from gumtree.com.au. Then he visited his friend in Melbourne and they went for a  spontaneous trip  to  Victoria’s mountains and to Uluru.

The most interesting part of Anders’ story was about his 40-days trip to New Zealand. He rented a bicycle and drove 1800 km from South  to the North of the country. It was his first experience of such trip and for surely he enjoyed it a lot! He overcame all obstacles and became a new person. The first achievement was ride up of  1 km mountain that  made him scream of joy, afterwards he passed 11 km mountains, but the first one he will remember for a long time.  He passed 320 km route near higher mountain in New Zealand, mountain Cook. He was cycling himself, and there were  times when he drove 60 km and didn’t see anyone.337_36183549465_6116_n

During his trips he met a lot of people who can inspire others, like American couple who were cycling 38000 km, or a girl who was walking herself from  North to South of New Zealand. I enjoyed story about  a Dutch man, who liked unusual tourism, on Fiji he decided to live like local, he lived in some old house and spend several weeks just fishing and gather fruits. Especially I was in  delight to hear story how 3 weeks he was riding a horse in Mongolia to look for a  tribe about what he discovered from a geographic channel. Finally he found them and even stayed for some time in a very traditional Mongolian tribe.

Andres had so many stories to tell me from his 9 month time in Australia. The most memorable was celebration of Christmas with his friend on Bounty island. They made snowman from the sand, when they were celebrating they saw a shark very close to them and in some time huge snake was passing by just 1 m from them. Surprisingly for me, the most dangerous in Australia are jelly fish, they can be extremely poisonous.

In the end we talked about his plans on future. He is planning to stay in Denmark for some time, then he has a  dream to travel in South America and to have some new hobbies  (like kayaking) .

Andres has a fantastic life principle ”For me it doesn’t matter if I lose or win, but I want to challenge myself”.

I think after person is achieving his dreams he is changing, it happened to me after I began to travel and to write, and even I didn’t know Anders before his journey, but I am sure he changed himself to better side.

I hope you were a bit more inspired after this story. Don’t be afraid and all your wishes can come true!734003_10151878809659466_912405211_n

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