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100-days trip of one lovely couple

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Airida and her boyfriend Chris were the first international couchsurfers with who I spoke in Aarhus. And if each day during the week when I met  Danish  couchsurfers the weather was great, sunny and warm, then on the day I  was supposed to meet Airida and Chris, it became normal  grey weather in Denmark. It took me more time to get to their place, then I thought, in the middle of  my cycling trip  it began to rain heavily, so I was completely wet and cold when I got to the  labyrinth  of the houses. I couldn’t find the  place I needed, so I called Airida so she could find me.Bled Lake, Slovenia

But it was so nice to meet them, they live in a  house with 5 other  friendly people from different countries, and they had  a couchsurfer from Australia.

I think they are just perfect example of couchsurfers. Airida is 26, she is from Lithuania, Chris is 28 and he is from Australia.  They met at a couchsurfing meeting when they both lived in London, and after some time they began to date, and now they live in Denmark, when they travel they surf and they try to host when there is possibility.

They are open to adventures, life and people. It was such a pleasure to talk with them  and to see other possibilities to travel in couchsurfing. Opposed to me, who likes to plan and to organize everything,  they prefer emergency last minute  requests, then personal ones, and they succeeded to find hosts like this in 95% of the countries that recently visited. They prefer emergency requests because they don’t plan anything ahead, they are quite spontaneous in their trips and they know their destinations only a day before.

Mainly we talked about the trip they made last year, it was  a 100 day trip. Like they told me,  they surfed 95 days of this journey.

They started with 2 weeks in Lithuania, then Roskilde festival in Denmark, afterwards they decided just to go to the places they haven’t been before. They went first to Copenhagen, then  bus to Berlin and  Prague. Then went to Vienna, the plan was to go just for several days, but they were so lucky with host and with private room that they were there more than one week.   Then they visited   Budapest, where after several emergency requests they were accepted by one nice lady, because of their persistance in posting requests in emergency group of Budapesht. Also they met some  friends who Chris knew from his first  trip to Hungary.

Then they went to Zagreb, where they stayed several days with an American couple who were travelling around the world and stopped  in Croatia for 3 month, they were advised to visit  Plitvice lakes, and they were amazed by the nature’s beauty.Vienna, Austria

Afterwards it was Zadar, where they slept  on the beach, then Split and Hvar in Croatia, where they met Chris’  friend, he has a house on the cliffs,  so Airida and Chris rented  motorbikes and drove 60 km, they stayed there  one night with a very good company of friends and other couchsurfers.

Then they joined their French friends to Medugorje,which is situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This little town became famous after 1981, when local children saw apparition of Virgin Maria. It is popular  place for pilgrimage  now, most of the people go on top of the mountain barefoot despite of very sharp stones.

Next it was Mostar with its famous bridge, Sarajevo, Guca festival in Serbia,  and  Belgrade.Guca festival, Serbia (with new friends)

After Serbia it was time for Airida to go to Lithuania to pack her things for one year studying in Denmark, and Chris needed to go to UK to get his visa. But their journey was so great, that they decided to travel a bit more and then directly go to Denmark.

They decided to take short bus routes through different countries, they had several fun days in Slovenia, sleeping with several couchsurfers at the train station in Ljubljana, swimming in Lake Bled, where it is the only island in Slovenia with its Church of the Assumption. Afterwards one of Airida’s dreams came true and they visited romantic Venice and Verona, then it was Munich and Berlin again and in the end they finally took plane to Aalborg, Denmark.

Hvar, Croatia

Now they are in Aarhus, because of Airida’s internship at  LEGO,  she has her master’s studies till June, and they don’t know where they will end afterwards, maybe Canada, maybe UK, who knows?

But what I know for sure, they will find friends everywhere, they have great sense of humor, interesting stories to tell, they share their energy with everyone and want people to feel at least a bit  more positive then they were before, they want to meet people and to be  impressed by their lives.   I hope one day you will be also lucky as I was to meet this lovely couple!

P.S. When I was going to leave their place, it appeared I had deflated tire on my bycicle, and Chris,  nice person, spent one hour fixing it.

Mostar, Bosnia

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