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Math and science school teacher


With Martin we met at  a very nice  Cafe Jorden  in Aarhus, cosy atmosphere,  retro posters, black and white photos of famous café’s visitors, all this made our  conversation with Martin trustful and lovely.

Our conversation was about Martin’s volunteer job in Red Cross,  his amazing job as a teacher and his hobbies.

He became volunteer in 2001 with Red Cross project in Brandbrand, for kids who were born in Denmark, but they don’t know Danish so good, so Martin helped them with math and language.

Next year he applied for more serious project, he went to Uganda for half a year. It was unforgettable experience. Working 60 hours per week, teaching first aid, leading youth camps and helping locals. I was interested to hear about way of life in Uganda and their customs. Well, there is no pipe water, so they have to drink rain water, they are always late for couple of hours, and it is not polite just to say “Hello” and to pass without asking questions about health and the family, It is totally another way of living then in Europe, but people nonetheless are friendly, with strong spirit, stubborn. For Martin it was interesting to spend Christmas there, of course, they didn’t have Christmas trees, they don’t buy each other gifts, because they don’t have money for it, but after  dinner they go to the neighbours and share the food.

As Martin  has master’s degree in mathematics and science he worked in bioinformatics companies, one year in Denmark, then 3 month in Switzerland and one year in Ireland. It was 2008, he liked living in Dublin a lot, but then the crisis came and  Martin decided to return to Denmark.

He found job in school as a teacher of science, and he is lucky to have fantastic students. He prepared them for the victory in lego robotics  competition in Denmark. I was amused to see  how 16-years students  can create robots  that  can move itselves  and transport objects.

Among other Martin’s talents is creating math mobile apps, reading and cycling. One of his achievements is cycling with his friends 300 km in Germany.

In the end of our talk I really felt that I know Martin for long time, he was very open to my question, we had interesting conversations, so I am very happy he agreed to meet me and I was able to write this article!

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