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Today’s hero of my blog is another couchsurfer, Mattias Friis. He is 25, he has bachelor’s  degree in medieval  archeology, he was working in excavations in Ribe and Odense, but he doen’t look at all like boring scientist.

His life is a journey to find himself.

In high school he was very good in cycling, and he was hoping to be professional, but he had accident and it turned  his life to totally different direction.  Now  he thinks it happened for the best, but for some years  he was in confusion about his life, Mattias didn’t know what he wanted from his life.

Everything changed last year.  Before applying for master’s degree he decided to travel and to attend several festivals. Original plan was to travel for 1,5 month, but it became half  year journey.

It’s all started at Somuna festival. He was one of 2000 people who attended this festival in Alpes in Switzerland.  Amazing landscape, relaxing atmosphere, first festival experience, this week Mattias will remember forever.

After this he decided to go to one of the biggest trance festivals in the world in Hungary.  He still had time, so he joined couchsurfers  on 6 days  Danube kanoe  trip. There were around 50 people, and with one of them he became friends, and she joined him to his trip to Budapest.

At festival, with 40 000 people, he stayed about one week, it was another way of experience trance music, different styles,  zones with yoga classes, childrens’ playgrounds, art projects.

The idea was to return to Denmark afterwards, but in Budapesht he met couchsurfers who invited him to Israel. Mattias agreed, but to the way to Israel he attend another festival in Bolgaria.

First days in Israel were awful, hot, in airport they lost his baggage, so he didn’t have any clothes… But in a few days situation changes completely. He stayed at his couchsurfer friends’ place. They showed him main places, and also he discovered ashram school.  In this  place, located in desert,   you can meditate, do yoga, and get spiritual instructions to your inner world.

Mattias returned home after 10 days of vacation, went to university to apply for master’s degree, but even didn’t come inside of university, returned home and in two weeks went again to Israel for 4,5 month.

First 1,5 month he stayed  at ashram school. He work there for several hours a day and the rest of the time explored him spiritual  side. Then he travelled with his friend. For some weeks they stayed at “raibow camp”, some place where people camp  together, cook, talk, far away from civilization, inside of nature. Then trip to the Dead Sea, where they stayed in  the tent  with one American, who was thinking that he is Messiah and he will destroy all religions.

Israel changes Mattias a lot, we were sitting on the grass, discussing his spiritual discovers. Now he became  totally free person, he doesn’t care for peoples’ expectations, he overcame his fears and traumas. For Mattias nature is one the first place, he is vegetarian, has  only organic clothes. Money is not important for him, somehow, but he meets people who help him and the worls satisfies all his needs.

My favorite moment in our conversation  was, when he was telling, that he tries to live in the present, and how  it changed his feelings, when he’s  just walking on the streets, or in the forest, or somewhere on the beach, how he watches all the time scurrying people.He is still searching for his life goal, but Mattias want to help people, and to change their lives to the best. And, somehow, I know that it will happen…


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