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Harley – Davidson admirer, traveller,editor, businessman

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Being an active member of couchsurfing.org I have met a lot of interesting people. I think couchsurfing is a very special community, there are so many different people, but they all have one thing in common – love for travelling.  Mostly couchsurfers are open- mind, friendly, helpful, they love people and share their  homes and food.

So when I started my blog and was thinking about  who should I start writing, one of the first ideas was, of course, about people from couchsurfing.

So I began to meet locals in Aarhus to discover their ways of living, dreams, ideas, hobbies, and, of course, about their way of travelling. Since I love to discover other countries and cultures, this is one of my favorite topics to discuss 🙂

I am very happy that my first guest for this project became Ojvind Serup, he is  new on couchsurfing, but I just couldn’t pass by such person!

He is 63 years old, and on one of his photos he is sitting with grandchild on Harley motorbike.

We met on my favorite beach in Egå Marina, so it was very cosy to have a talk, to look at the sea and enjoy sunny day.

Ojvind is a fantastic person. When you talk with him, you immediately feel that he is happy in his life and he is willing to share all his positive emotions with you.

His wife and he (they are married for 40 years already) tried everything in their lives. So for me it was quite difficult to focus only on one subject of conversation, so we talk a bit about everything.

Firstly, about main passion in Ojvind’s life – motorbikes.  He has been  a member of Harley  – Davidson club of  Denmark for 26 years already, but he started to ride a motorbike  when he was 17 years old. Members of the club meet weekly for taking a ride together or just meet each other for a nice talk.  Also they go to Europe’s motorbike tours.

Real adorers  of motorbikes, Ojvind and his wife , became in 1993. Their kids grew up, but they promised themselves to have an  interesting life, and not to become boring parents who don’t know what to do after kids leave homes.

So they decided to go to the  USA, they bought motorbikes there, and started to discover New World. They were driving on the west of the country for 5 weeks,  enjoying beautiful in  a very  special way nature, deserts,  curious  people . They have done it on vacations  during  3 years, and this year they are going to explore west of the USA one time more.

To show you that Ojvind knows everything about motorbikes, I will just tell, that he was editor of Harley – Davidson magazine  of  Danish club for seven years.

Then we talk a bit about  the times when Ojvind was a businessman. He started his business in 1982 and had it for nearly 30 years.  They printed advertising on T-shirts, keychains, etc. His wife was working together with Ojvind, she was in charge of accounting, and Ojvind was head of creative process. They  sold their business in 2010, when they decided to retire.

And in the end we talked about travelling. Ojvind is travelling all the time, he has been in Pakistan, India for business trips, also for 4 years he travelled a lot to South Africa, where he cooperated with Danish organization Danida, who’s  goal is to struggle poverty.

Nowadays , his wife and he travel or to warm countries, or ride their motorbikes. They love nature, so they prefer to camp where it is possible. They like to meet new people and discover local food. Ojvind’s favorite is Chinese  food and american huge steaks. 🙂

For me it was pleasure to get know Ojvind, he is example of the person who has happy life, happy family, he respects others, he is open – mind and tolerant to everyone.  By his life he can motivate another people, if you work, you have results, and if you want to have interesting life, you will have it, no matter how many kids you have, what kind of job, or age.


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